Who Is God? (Really!)

Isn’t it funny how God is the most common subject, yet can be the most confusing?
(Except for those who dare not think for themselves when it comes to a topic like this).

If you think about God as a stand-alone “subject” you will quickly see how obsessed you will get wanting to know more and most likely wanting to honour that presence in your life.

It’s hard to not believe in God no matter how much we want to “science” creation.

The problem is the religions, doctrines, and the many interpretations that have successfully boxed God into a subject that is less than who He/She is.

Writing this, I’m refusing to box God as a particular sex, because I have concluded that the accounts of God have been very heavily diluted by the men/women who gave those accounts.

If you are like me who questions the status quo, and yet, doesn’t want to be an atheist just because you know there is God (gut feeling), I advise that you strip God of all religions and titles, and pick a path to study about Him/Her.

I was at a space in my life where I could have been an atheist just because I struggled hard with the way God was and wasn’t portrayed by most religions. However, I have concluded that everyone is responsible for the life they lead, and making a lifelong decision based on another human’s leading their life is such a stupid thing to do. And a waste of your own life.

Therefore, at one point, I decided to know God for myself. And that’s stripping myself of religion and doctrines. I decided that I would study through a path.

Everyone can pick one of the common paths without falling into the trap of how the path has been explored or is being explored.

For example, one could choose to want to know God through Jesus. Another could easily choose through any of the many creations or other prophets.

I am still on the journey. And at the end of my journey, I want to be able to answer:

  1. Who is God?
  2. Why I do believe in God?
  3. Do I want to refer to God as Him or Her?
  4. Whose account of God is helping me navigate honoring Him/Her right?
  5. How do I want to present God to my kids?
  6. What does eternal life mean and if it exists?

Lots of the questions that you think you have answers to, but if you genuinely ask yourself what guides your answer, 90% would realize only the answers they have were passed down through third parties who got them from third parties.

Religion feels like it’s a system that was created by man for some sort of “order”. and maybe sanity. Your view is what you have been told and made to believe.

Although that’s fine, until you search for the truth for yourself through facts, stripping yourself of the brainwashing ideologies that present as faith, you really would have lived in that system as a robotic/programmed human.

And of course, it’s okay if that’s how you prefer to live. If it feels safer to you, then by all means. At the end of the day, we all just want to live with ourselves. So if you can live with yourself by automatically aligning with the existing system of faith/religion, please do.

For me, I am not able to, and rather than easily switch to the extreme of saying there is no God, I want to know God for me through the accounts of Jesus as a start.

Hopefully, that leads to clarity.

P.S.: I will do an update sometime in the future if I do find the answers.

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