Do Not Date my Ex

Well, this is a rant post. 

And in case you are new to my space, a rant post is a post where I rant about a topic without caring about your feelings. Also, I do not know if my position is right or wrong because I only care to get stuff off “my chest”.

Also, it is how I feel at the time. It could change tomorrow, but still, I don’t care.

Now, let us get into the topic of today. 

It is about the trending story I read on Twitter about a lady getting married to her twin sister’s ex. 

The summary of the story is that the groom-to-be called off the wedding to her twin sister because they fell in love with each other. In fact, they started dating two weeks after he called the wedding off.

Yep, you read right. Twin sister A lost her fiance to Twin sister B, and now, Twin sister B is getting married to that man. 

(I want to puke).

While I was still wrapping my head around that story, I read another story of a lady getting married to her friend’s ex. The friend died less than two years ago. 


First, Sis (blood/friendship related), I do not care if you would remain single for life, but please leave my exes alone. Whattttt!! You sure can find your man outside the darn circle. 

Why are you remotely attracted to your friend’s ex, not to talk about your sister’s ex??! WHY?

Let me try and break down how I see it:

  1. We can’t date the same man because we are not a groupie. We can’t sleep with the same man or have fantasies about the same man and call ourselves friends/sisters. It feels like an abomination. My man is/was your brother. You and your brother shouldn’t be romantically involved. It’s incest.
  2. It’s going to breed trust issues because then we will meet up, and my ex is your man? Like Are we going to be acting like siblings now? What if the breakup wasn’t mutual? If you came back and saw us chatting happily in a corner, you wouldn’t be bothered. Girlll, please!!!!
  3. You don’t believe in Okafor’s law? Even a little of it?
  4. At what point did you two start falling in love with each other? Have I always been the blind fool in the relationship both ways? Were you the reason we didn’t work?

To be honest, I have more questions/concerns in my head, but I think I’m just going to cut to the chase to say don’t be unfortunate my dear friend/sis, leave my exes alone. It’s not about them, it’s about us. 

Even the bible says you shouldn’t covet your neighbor’s partner. Neighbor ooo… talk more of friend/sister. Don’t do it.

In conclusion, the fact that a man dated your friend/sister is enough to make you not remotely like them romantically. You shouldn’t. 


Plus I believe that the men that see nothing in dating friends or sisters are the ones that go after their wife’s family members or friends when they are married.

Anyway, in this case, I’m closed-minded. Get you another man from the planet that hasn’t been with me, your sister/friend. It’s beyond ridiculous.

Or am I tripping? What do you say?

P.S: I used Emily in Paris photo because we all know that Triangle was a betrayal too, and Emily didn’t even know when it started that he was her friend’s “ex”.

8 thoughts on “Do Not Date my Ex

  1. Hahahaha! Are you sure no one has dates your ex before? You sound like it’s very personal. I don’t think I would care if my friend dates my ex though. I wouldn’t

    1. Lol! I haven’t had a personal experience but I have always found it disgusting sha. In fact if you ask my friend out, don’t ask me out. It’s just wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Well well well this topic is twisted….
    What if plenty inside????

    If the friend doesn’t know they date until she/he became involved……
    If the break up was mutual due to perfect understanding
    If the ex and friend are more compatible
    If the two began friendship as a result of the ex
    Not all exes are enemies…..

    How ever it is a complicated mess

  3. I feel, he is already a bygone to you. There shouldn’t be any attachment to him again especially where both parties (ex & your frnd) met on a neutral ground.

  4. I know opinions differ on this topic, but let me say this. I strongly believe that the value of your relationship with a sister or friend is brought into question here. If you follow down the part of dating their ex, you would most likely destroy that relationship, which is the one between yourself and your friend whose ex you are about to date. If that realationship means something or anything to you at all, don’t do it! Because the fact is, by dating a friend’s or sister’s ex, you are ruining the relationship you have with that friend or sister. Even if the person feign to be unaffected, your relationship with them can never be the same! So the real question is, how much do you care about that relationship? Only you can answer that.

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