Dear Cravings!

They say if you crave something or someone, to deal with that craving and have control over it, you need to find out what it is you gain from satisfying that craving, then do a deep soul dive to deal.
At least to be sure why.

What they didn’t say is how to deal if you don’t know what you gain from that craving.
Of course, there is always some form of satisfaction, but you are not sure what the satisfaction is mainly because it is a satisfaction that is not defined.

I know I want someone or something so bad, I don’t want them because I am gaining anything (at least not physically), but I still want them so badly because having access to them does something to me.

Oh, what it does? I don’t know (but I know), I just can’t explain or define it. However, I know I love whatever it does to my heart.

Some may say it sounds more like an addiction than a craving, but it’s not an addiction, because I am not addicted. I just crave them.

So, it’s okay if I don’t get them, although it doesn’t feel okay, but I can function. With addiction, you can’t function without “the need”.

I know I’m saying a lot of words without saying a lot, but I like to write this way when I am not willing to be totally open, yet wanting to share. Lol!

However, I think the people who get it don’t need me to explain further… they feel seen because they get it.

If you don’t get it, you are not missing much.

P.S.: The older I get, the more I understand that life is not black or white. The grey areas are getting wider. And I don’t think it’s my morals getting polluted.

Happy mid-week!
Friday is almost here.. lol!

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