“Is this the part where I die?”

A 16-year-old boy looked me in the eyes and asked me, “Is this the part where I die?”

Yesterday evening around 6:30 or 7 pm, on my eager back from work, I was waiting by the bus stop with so many others when a bus stopped but it wasn’t mine so I stepped back, and all of a sudden we heard a scream.

It was a guy who would probably be in his early 20s who stormed out of the bus screaming and all.

He looked at the closest person to him, the 16-year-old boy, and shoved him. And of course, as expected of a teenager, he shoved him back and asked him to move.

This dude kept on the face of this boy until a fight broke out and some men quickly told the young boy to leave him as he left and was walking back to where we stood at my side, he noticed and we saw that he was bleeding.

He was stabbed already by the dude.

The dude ran but as he was running he kept saying “I will stab you harder next time”.

The boy then looked at me and said, “Fuck, he really did stab me. Is this the part where I die?”


We screamed for someone to call the ambulance and police while I was trying to tell him to not say he was going to die because “his tongue” is powerful. I kept saying don’t say that, you will be fine, the ambulance will be here in a minute.

He kept going down then he picked up his phone and called his mum. He goes ” Mum I have been stabbed”.

And as a mother, those words even cut deeper in me because who wants to ever get that kind of a call??! Whew!

I then got his phone off him to describe where we were to the mum because I heard her asking where he was but he kept saying “I was stabbed, mum”.

Anyway, the paramedics arrived and they got to work while some people spoke to the police describing the dude who had run off.

In those few minutes and all through my ride back home, I was livid. I can say I was traumatized. I just didn’t know how or what to think.

I said a prayer for him. I prayed that he survived because it was a stab at the back of the neck close to his head.

I pray he survives.

Meanwhile, at the back of my head, I remember seeing a man at the bus stop who didn’t care or flinch. Don’t get me wrong, we all just watched and minded our business when the bants were going in even though we all were disgusted the dude was harassing the boy.

However, the point the boy was stabbed, some people went after the dude – who got away, while some of us called the ambulance or simply stayed with the boy.

For that man to be able to not care in all of what was happening or offering any type of help, I can’t get him off my head too.


I hope the boy survives, and I hope the dude gets caught and punished for his act.

Life means nothing to some. Make sure you treat yours like it’s worth something.

It is better to walk away feeling insulted or bullied than to fight back and lose your life or any part of your body.

It drove home the saying, “He that can control his emotions, has won half of the battles of life”.

I hope the boy survives and I pray for a speedy recovery for him.

To his mum, I’m sorry you had to get that call.
Her voice rings in my head.


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