The Deity, Mother

I lost my mother recently (hence, the long break from writing), and I think I now understand first hand what it is to refer to mothers as gods.

I’ll like to assume that the importance of God in our lives is to give meaning, give direction and to guide and guard us. Our mothers are definitely gods in their own rights.

The first week when she was gone, it felt like I lacked something great, like my life didnt have a meaning or lacked guidance and protection. I felt “naked”.

(While I write this in admiration of who my mother was, I am conscious of the fact that not everyone can refer to their mother as a god, perhaps because they havent felt that solid backing of a mother from them. I sympathize and I think it’s okay not to read further).

Back to my mother’s loss, I always thought that when I go through an immense loss like that, I will turn to writing, but opposite was the case. I didnt want to write at all. I felt like no one deserved to read exactly how I felt. I felt like I didnt need to tell anyone truthfully how it felt (feels) with me.

In fact, in order for me to be back to writing, I had to take time to bury the memory of mama in a place of respect. Everything I want to say, and everything I feel, I’m convinced she understands and knows; maybe even more now.

I will leave it at that, and continue to navgate life as much as I can with that memory.

May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

P.S: We are back 🙂

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