Addictions are hard to break. Hard!
I think hard doesn’t even do the word justice.

You think you’re doing great, and just one thing reminds you or gives you access to “it/them” and you lose all years/months/weeks of hard work.

It doesn’t matter what addiction you’re trying to break off, it’s tough. If it’s an addiction, then it’s an addiction.

And may I say that sometimes you have to get to a point where you understand that you need help to get over the addiction.

It could be supernatural help aka “God”, or human intervention aka “therapy”.

By the way, I think that the little, or should I say so-called little addictions are the toughest to break off.

Those that no one talks about or regard as addictions.

And what is an addiction?
Addiction is an intense urge to do something or use something.
Simply put as when someone or something has control over you.

For example, you are a food addict if you are full but can’t say no to food or you are food sick but still eating because you don’t know how to say no. Gluttony is a thing, yes, but sometimes, it goes beyond gluttony for many others.

And can we talk about addictions to things or people you cannot stay away from? I mean, while I do not make light of alcohol addiction, you hear that alcohol addicts are mostly asked to stay away from alcohol.

So imagine being addicted to say, sex, as a married man. How do you stay away from sex totally to control the addiction?

It could be an addiction to a friend, knowing that staying away from them means losing them, but you do not want to lose the friendship because the friendship is not all bad, you just have gotten so addicted to their person for one reason or the other.

Anyway, for everyone dealing with any form of addiction, hopefully, someday soon, you will break off.

Hang in there and keep doing the work. The days you fail are not more important than the days you overcome them.

Thank God is Friday!!!
(Except if “Friday” is your addiction, then all the best today.)

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