The Power of Sex!

I saw a video of a man who caught his wife in the hotel with another man. In the video, the ‘other’ man ran to his car while the husband kept videoing his wife, and the wife was moving out of his camera lens, but you can hear the hurt in the husband’s voice confirming that she was at the hotel with another man.

To be honest, I don’t think it was hurt I heard from the husband,
it was more like ‘disgust’ for the act. I think there was even a part he went close to the ‘other’ man’s car and peeped to say ‘thank you’. Of course, he didn’t mean the thank you or maybe he did, because you never really know if he’s wanted out but couldn’t know how. so the man is given the ‘real’ reason to let go.

Anyway, the video hasn’t left my head for many reasons, but more importantly, because almost all the comments on that post were all-around sex, and it just didn’t sit well with me.

From where I sit, I want to believe that no one goes out of their way to cheat just for sex.

It just didn’t sit well with them to think that lady I saw in that video didn’t mind her marital oath and stepped out for just sex.

I am struggling to believe that genuinely, any sane human will or could step out of a relationship just for sex.

Don’t get me wrong, sex is important, and a great add-on in romance, but anyone would step out of a partner who does right by them just for sex?

It doesn’t matter how great any sex is, it’s for a moment. So, you would for a few seconds of cum feeling or a few minutes of orgasm destroy a relationship? It can’t be.

No one can be that daft!
(Except of course, it’s an addiction, and that is a different scenerio and out of context).

Now, I am not saying that people can’t cheat, and I am not saying that any reason to cheat makes sense. I am just saying that if the only reason you ruin a relationship, especially a marriage, is just for sex, there is something wrong and maybe wrong with you.

Something has to be wrong. Except I am the one who doesn’t understand the true power of sex!

6 thoughts on “The Power of Sex!

  1. Great sex can make your brain leave you for a sec. So yes anyone can leave a good relationship for sex and it doesn’t mean they want to intentionally destroy their relationship, it’s just that at that point, it’s just the sex that matters.

    1. I could agree, I just don’t think anyone should live in the present so much they get carried away with mins of pleasure. By all means if it means more, but for few mins of pleasure… nahhh!

  2. Maybe you are looking at it from a female point of view, and yes the example you sited is of a woman. But in the case where the sides are turned, I think men view sex differently and it might not be as straightforward as you think. This is not an excuse for men or women to cheat, but from what I’ve gathered, the male specie and sex are a pretty complex mix.

    1. Reading your response just makes me realize that I totally spoke from my view. Maybe really the male gender view seems differently and some women might be inclined in that direction too. But such a waste of ‘essence’ to lose all just for six. By all means lose it for something worth, except of course if the few mons is worth it for them regardless of the duration.

  3. When it gets to sex, some lack selfcontrol and they will rather blame it on other things rather than getting themselves the necessary help needed.
    Also, I would say this is one of the many disadvantage of having sex partners before marriage. So yes, sex could be a thing to why certain people cheat.

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