Unofficial Guardian Angels

I was thinking today of how blessed I have been not to get into the wrong hands at my vulnerable period.

I think everyone can look back at their lives and how they were incapable of making “great” decisions during those periods, and they literally went with the advice of a friend or family.

Those who stood ten toes to make sure you made the right decisions, who didn’t take advantage of you nor ignored you insensitively, are your unofficial Guardian Angels.

Looking back, you can either cringe with regret or smile with gratefulness for how those periods turned out.

Not that you could have done better at those periods because you were fighting too much to have control over the details. So, show yourself grace.

However, this brings me to my point on making good friends so that when you can’t remember how to be good to yourself, they will remind you. When you are at crossroads and you’re not sure what way you should, they will not be selfish but think of what you would do if you had control of that decision. They will turn into your guardian angel immediately.

Maybe someday we will go into details of the event that made me smile.. but for now, I am particularly grateful that although 2023 went how it did, my guardian angels held me down.

Happy mid-week! Hang in there, it’s almost Friday. Lol!

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