The Alicia Keys “Situationship”

So, first, let me confess that I would want to write this story about our new Queen, Camilla but because of how sensitive everyone is about the story and how I know people adore the late Diana, I would use Alicia Keys’s story instead. 

Secondly, let’s all agree that when it comes to celebrities, no one knows the full story… we all just feed off what we hear here and there, so therefore, this chat is based on allegedly. Don’t quote me dears!!! 

Down to the gist, Alicia Keys is married to Swizz now for over one decade, and every time they pop up as a love icon, the comments are always on how Alicia was a side chic who “stole” another woman’s man. 

Of course, Swizz was married before he met Alicia and got divorced almost about the time his relationship with Alicia became public knowledge. 

However, he and Alicia had always defended themselves many times that they were “single when they met. That is, Swizz was already separated from his wife. But no one believes them. 

Just as we don’t believe Maria of BBNaija, Stella Damasus, and many other women that fell in love with a man who was formerly married. 

Now, my question is, should women not date separated men? – Genuine question. If a man says he’s separated, should that be a red flag? Should we be asking for divorce certificates?

We know that some men lie about their marriage situation just to get a woman, but this isn’t about the ones who lie, this is about the ones who are truly separated privately or publicly and want to move on.

It’s imperative to ask this question because when we unfairly/fairly hammer down these women, are we saying that except if a man is fully divorced, they shouldn’t be dated?

Please help with answers so that we can all agree maybe for once that these women who genuinely are willing to let a man who’s failed in love, love again are the villain or the victim🤷🏼‍♀️ 

11 thoughts on “The Alicia Keys “Situationship”

  1. Well, I don’t care what side anyone swings, I just don’t want to hear that any grown adult were stolen. Anything but snatch pls. No one is a bag🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Hmmm… that I wear the shoes! I genuinely want to love and be loved again and it is not even 6months yet that we have been separated. In my head, I am only married on paper but I already moved on.

    I already feel single and seeking attention to be truth.

    From a moral/religious perspective, I don’t know if it is right or wrong to date because until you are divorced, you are still yoked.

    And you actually can’t have intentions of been intimate with another until you marry again.
    But maybe you can be friends with someone.
    It is complicated to be truth, for someone like me sha.

    But I do know what I feel….I want to love and be loved 🤗

  3. I actually would have been also interested if you posted Camila and Diana…… as you stated we don’t know the facts or complete stories; only what is been said or posted by either the parties, bloggers, families or other stories. In a relationship or marriage, the parties involved are adults and can make their own decisions though they then to hurt others if they do not take the right part. people separate or divorce for different reasons, but they deserve to life their Lifes and be happy after all. whichever ship you find yourself count your blessings and be happy, move on………

    1. I’m careful since one of the parties in the Royalty story is no more with us. People are more sensitive when it’s death involved in the equation too.

      Also, I agree. We don’t really know what’s happening in people’s family dynamics.

  4. Read it!😃 Hmmmm. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with it!💯 He is separated from his wife and his wife is separated from him, he knows it and she knows it too. If it’s mutual, they’ve both moved on , divorce is in the horizon, no one is cheating on no one, cos basically they are not together anymore…🤷🏻‍♀️ so I don’t see a problem there!

  5. I say this all the time, the fact that the first marriage didn’t work, doesn’t mean their next marriage won’t. That been said, Camille wasn’t just a side chic, she was the “the main” from the beginning. Unfortunately for Diana, she just thought things would change. No man can be snatched! Men leave a marriage for their selfish reasons not for the side chic. He can still leave the side chic for another one, so the side chics are not the problem. My opinion

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