A Day at a Time

Some days I wake up apprehensive about life. It could go from questioning what I’m doing, to doubting if I’m doing anything right. I just find myself in that fearful zone where the future becomes blurry.

In as much as I am going through some belief change (because life is teaching me fast), I still believe that everyone has a purpose they are on earth for, and I believe that with that purpose, one won’t struggle so much. 

Today, when I couldn’t shake myself off feeling that way, I went on my knees and whispered a silent prayer to God. I asked that He helps me see what my purpose is, and I asked that He helps me with the courage to pursue it too. 

I genuinely can’t wait to be done with the struggles that come with finding. I want to move to the building stage. I think I’m ready. I want to find what my life’s project is and spend my energy building it. 

The older I get and the more comfortable my life is, the more I know that working just to earn a salary isn’t my purpose on earth. There has to be more. I am made for more.

However, I told myself as I stood up on my feet this morning to take each day as they come. 

A day at a time Olayinka. A day at a time. 
Learn to smell the roses!

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