New Year, New Pressure, Same You!

It’s the first week back at work, and it’s a short work week because work started on a Tuesday. Jan 1st was on a Monday. And even at that, it’s just Thursday, and I woke up feeling super tired.

Tired, both mentally and physically because it’s been a race travelling to and from work. However, rather than wake up feeling beaten, I made a mental note immediately to do 2024 differently.

There is something about doing life on your terms. Like you’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. Yet, in reality, you have a lot of things to prove. Maybe at work, or even to yourself or to family members… It just seems like you have to prove that you are “who you are”.

Quickly, I reminded myself that this year is already different. And I think the reason I forget is because I do not journal. I forget things easily. For example, I do know how tough it was in 2023, but my memory doesn’t remember it like I would want it to remind me.

So, this year, I have decided to journal how I feel at every point in time so that when I look back, I know how far I have come and I will be able to appreciate the growth.

When I started this blog, I did say it would be my public-private journal, and in 2024, I intend to use it as that.

I hope your year is starting way more organized than mine feels?!

And oh! The new year always comes with its pressure. The pressure to do something different to get a different result, but know that everyone feels that pressure and you will be fine.

Happy New Year! 😊 It just occurred to me that I haven’t said that to you.

Cheers 😘

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