Movie Review: Fair Play

While I do not want to give spoilers, I wanted to talk about this film so much. By the way, I think every woman should see this movie, and maybe men (for awareness of how they can be).

In advance, I apologize to any man reading this, I am going to speak about it from the perspective of Emily (and women generally). I understand if you do not want to read further.

Whew! This movie just made me more scared of how a man can turn when something doesn’t go their way, especially as it has to do with their work/job or just ego generally.

The man’s ego is a big thing and I tend to believe every man has it and is capable of being ruled by it.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has a degree of self-control, but I think the degree of selfishness a man has to offer needs to be studied by women because I think on the contrary when a woman is in love, nothing else matters.

A man can be in love and still think of himself 100%, and do what is right by him and for him 100%, but women???? Phew!!

Not to give anything away, let me just say the last scene was my best. When Emily broke him she said, “Now wipe your blood off my floor and get out”.

So Sweeeeeeet! Lol! So sweet because Gosh! he was so self-absorbed he was just going to move on after all that he pulled? Wow!

Anyway, it’s a good watch on Netflix… watch it.
Drop me a comment on your thoughts if you have seen it.

8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Fair Play

  1. The movie was a beautiful watch with a perfect ending I love. “Clean your blood and gerrout of my house as it should be . Luke is an example of how some men can’t handle big wins of their partner forgetting that a win is a win for both. Emily looked out for Luke at all times but what did he do.. He magnified the wizard spirit in him🤣🤣🤣. I don’t even think he was in love with Emily more like sexually obsessed Blood licker during period (abasha) its a big lesson for women to stay FOCUS for themselves all the time.

  2. This review didn’t do justice… please give me the unfiltered part 😁
    Because I know the things me I said after watching this movie. Lol
    I was telling my husband when the guy was talking that they better not end this movie in an unfortunate way ooo if not we won’t sleep this night.
    The part of their engagement party I almost slapped her from here 🫣

  3. Every woman should really watch this movie. The ending was just so perfect!
    Luke was ready to make her loose it all because it wasn’t him. Most annoying is the fact that she so happy for him when it seemed like he was going to make PM. Tables turned and he started behaving like someone that has Bipolar.

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